How to start your adventure with Allvago

Allvago is a place where, within a few moments you can buy or sell digital products. Products are priced based on their complexity, quality and type. For most categories, a price table is available, based on which products are evaluated. Allvago is a lively community of designers and creators of all kinds.

I want to be a buyer

How to find a product?

If you want to find a product as close to your expectations as possible, use the following possibilities:

  • Categories: Search for products by category to find all in the given thematic section.
  • Tags: Use our advanced search engine available on the top bar of the page.
  • Popular: See the most popular products in our community. Maybe you will find them interesting, as well.
  • The latest products: See the most recently added products. Every day, there are hundreds of new product arrivals.
  • Collections: Visit popular retailers and browse through their collections and portfolios. You will definitely find something for yourself.

How to make the payment?

In our service, many different forms of payment are available. You can quickly pay with the use of PayPal, PayU or a virtual wallet option.

Will I get help and support?

Every one of our customers can count on 24-hour support from our team. You will never be left alone with a problem. If you need help, please use our Help Center or contact us via an online chat or e-mail.

Will I get a Quality guarantee?

All our products which are put up for sale in the Allvago service are verified to ensure that they are flawless and easy to use. You can also read the comments which are available above a product, as well as opinions issued by other customers. You will not buy a pig in a poke here!

I want to become a seller

How to put up a new product for sale?

Before you start putting up new products for sale, please refer to our step by step tutorial. This will help you avoid mistakes and quickly learn to cooperate with our service.

How does Allvago work?

Our service is based on intermediation in the sale of digital products. All of our sellers earn 70% from each sale and 15% for every recommended customer.

How to become a seller?

To be able to sell products through our service, you need to be logged, in, have all of your personal data completed in your profile settings need to create a seller account.

How to get help?

Our sellers can count on round-the-clock help and the support of our team. However, before you contact us, please refer to our extensive help center, where you can find thousands of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is worth to read?

Before you become a seller, it is worth to take a look at the following materials: